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Marion’s journey towards Freeride World Tour success began at the age of ten when she discovered a snowboard-shaped parcel lying underneath the Christmas tree. Wanting to emulate her older brother and inspired by talented female snowboarders like Margot Rozies and Anne-Flore Marxer, she threw herself into snowboarding, honing her skills on the slopes of Chamrousse, near Grenoble.

At first, Marion explored everything from half-pipe and slopestyle to boardercross. But after reflecting deeply during time out through injury in 2015, she decided to move into freeriding, which offered her the combination of freedom, diversity and adventure.

Marion stormed onto the freeride competition scene in 2016 and a year later took her first Freeride World Tour title. With her freestyle background she’d bring a playfulness to her freeriding that, at the time, was new and fresh on the women’s scene.

As the seasons have progressed she’s matured and her riding has become even stronger. She’s not afraid to go steep and technical and think on her feet, adapting to the conditions. She won the FWT another three times, back-to-back in 2019, 2020 and 2021, something no other rider – male or female – has ever done.

Aside from competing, Marion has been busy with film projects, including her own Insitu, and acquiring greater skills within mountaineering. She’s also a skilled paraglider and wants to combine all these different facets to explorer mountains in interesting, diverse places around the globe.

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