Ida Sophie Hegemann

Ultra runner

Ida Sophie Hegemann is an ultra-trail runner who has taken on—and won— some of the biggest races in Europe.

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Duderstadt, Germany



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Top 3 career highlights

  • 1st Transalpine Run (2021)
  • 1st Transalpine Run (2019)
  • Golden Trail Championships (2019)


Born in Duderstadt in Germany in 1997, the young runner spent her weekends racing the 5km state championships and training at the Olympic base in Hanover. She soon moved from track to trail.

Ida puts her name to many firsts. Alongside winning all the major Alpine races, including the Transalpine Run and the Mont Blanc Marathon, she’s the first woman to finish the Stubai High Trail in under 24 hours, completing in 19 hours, 16 minutes, 11 seconds.

In a year of big highs, Ida won the Mont Blanc Marathon U23 in 2019. She also finished first place across all eight gruelling stages of the Transalpine Run. And she did it all again two years later, winning the seven-day competition in 2021.

Ida now lives and studies in Innsbruck where she’s training to achieve her next set of ambitious goals: defending her titles and running the Golden Trail World Series.

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