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Find out why ultra-runner Fernanda Maciel likes going the distance

Fernanda Maciel is a highly successful and respected ultra-runner. And she trains hard to achieve her goals. She's one of the strongest women in the ultra-running field and constantly looks for new challenges and expeditions that push her body to the limit. Ultra-running is a highly demanding sport. Fernanda has to not only run long and fast. She has to be strong, too, to power up all those mountains. "As well as training speed and ensurance, I need to strengthen my tendons and muscles to avoid injury. In particular I train my ankles and quadriceps to keep them strong and stable as I need to accumulate lots of miles on my legs."


“As a trail runner, I practice both stability and plyometric training as well as weighted sprint circuits. I make sure I incorporate box jumps, push-ups and core exercises into all my workouts, too.”

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