8 Seconds





“Exploration is the adrenaline of the imagination.”


Vincenzo Mastropasqua
& Sofia Pagani


Before a challenge, your adrenalin kicks in and everything around you freezes. It’s just you and your fear. But once you have faced it, overcome it, you are there anew, ready to try all over again. Everything you have lived through and felt in life, comes down to those eight seconds. It’s these heightened emotions, bound with memories, that inspired the 8 Seconds project.

Memories and emotions of an adventure “on the other side of the world” inspired the “8 Seconds” project. In those 8 seconds when you ride the bull, the adrenaline rushes you, and everything around you freezes; it’s just you and the bull, one against the other; and once you fall, you are there again, ready to try again and again, ready to fly on that moving wave and make time stop. The video will be based on this concept of adrenaline, created by the designer throughout his creative process. The video will have as background noise the heartbeat that accelerate; everything will be accompanied by the alternation of black frames and the actual creative process that the designer used for the creation of the product while maintaining an aesthetic that incorporates the concept of adrenaline and nature. At the beginning of the video, you will see frames of images, sketches, and the selection of the garments, and also you’ll see the creation and assembly of the garment itself in an increasingly timely manner.

“Knowing, discovering, and overcoming challenges are some of the purposes of exploration.”